Colossians 2:19
… holding fast to the Head, from whom all the body, nourished and knit together by joints and ligaments, grows with the increase that is from God.

Apostle Paul inspired by divine revelation advised the church to “hold fast to the head”. The head that Paul was referring to, in the context of Colossians 2:19, is Christ. He was using the human anatomy to communicate spiritual truths. The same way the human brain rules the entire body, Christ rules the church.

God has uniquely designed our bodies with an immune system that can effectively tackle and resist any bacteria, germ or virus that may seek to interrupt our normal body function. The brain supervises the immune system of the body. And in like manner, Christ, the head of the church oversees the spiritual immune system of the body of Christ (the church). The natural immune system of our bodies is guaranteed to walk effectively. As long as it is not compromised or weakened by stress or the deliberate intake of harmful substances to the body

The good news is that the body of Christ has a better spiritual immune system that can never be compromised by any force or influence. Why? The omnipotent power of God is the immune system of the believer in Christ. That is the same “greatness of God’s power” that is presently at work in all who believe in Christ (see Ephesians1:19). It does change.  As a Child of God, you are not vulnerable. Your immune system is beyond the reach of any evil.

However, fear, anxiety, ignorance and unbelief can cause a temporal disconnect from the reality of the believer’s spiritual immunity in Christ (see Ephesians 4:17). The devil knows this; hence, he constantly seeks to hijack what we believe about the truth with his lies. Sadly, once you believe the devil’s lie, which is  any information that is inconsistent with what the realities of your union with Christ, that lie immediately obscures the reality of your spiritual immunity in Christ. And in addition, creates doubts when you are faced with a challenge or crisis. Staying focused on the gospel maintains your spiritual immunity.

In the light of this, you must never give the devil and the reports of his manifestation any reverence. They are inferior facts compared to the facts of what is available to you in your union with Christ. He that dwells in you is greater than any demonic manifestation.

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