John 10:2
But he that enters by the door is the shepherd of the sheep.

In the Middle East, when a flock of sheep is gathered into the sheepfold, the shepherd uses his body at the entrance as door for protection of the sheep. By this action, the shepherd places his life at the risk of whatever would want to attack the sheep. The shepherd loves the sheep and develops such an intimacy with the sheep that they know his voice and follow him.

Jesus qualified and is our Good Shepherd because He laid down His life for us; in His sight, you are always accepted. You are not a slave but a son; you don’t have to work to earn anything because all that you need or will ever require has already been given. The objective of every chaotic condition is to make you trust God less but all other ground is sinking sand; you’ve got to come back to God. You are blameless before him and nothing can ever change who God has made you to be in Christ. He is concerned about your individual needs.

In the midst of the pressure, cast all your care on Him because He cares for you. God is speaking to you today as His sheep, will you listen? Can you trust Him? It’s time to cease from your own works and rather wait on Him. When you wait on Him, apprehension will go, anticipation for God’s goodness will begin to come back; favour will be restored.

There is no man’s opinion of you that is above God’s own. Christ in you is greater than any need you can ever have. Whatever the need is, Christ in you can fulfil it, for He is the Lord and He is your Shepherd.

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