Believe in His willingness


Exodus 4:10-13

Honor the Lord with your possessions, and with the firstfruits of all your increase;
So your barns will be filled with plenty, and your vats will overflow with new wine.

Moses was overwhelmed with his inadequacy. He M felt inferior and incompetent to confront Pharaoh. Moses was more conscious of his stammering than God’s willingness to deploy His almightiness over speech challenge. Moses doubted the willingness of God and ultimately reasoned himself away from the plan of God. Aaron was not the plan of God for Moses. It was a convenient arrangement for Moses to depend on Aaron to cover his inadequacy. Can you relate with the actions of Moses? Do you sometimes feel the need to seek for a plan B, after praying?

Doubting God’s willingness to help you makes His sufficiency and the goodness of His mercies irrelevant to your situation. Doubt is a sign that there is a veil placed by the enemy over your eyes of understanding about the willingness of God. Jesus has purchased the willingness of God to assist you at all times (see Roman 8:31-32). Doubting God’s commitment towards you, makes prayer unprofitable. It makes you begin to search for alternative to the goodness of God. Keep in mind that your doubt does not change the nature of God. He is good all the time. And His tender mercies are rich to all that call upon His name. God’s willingness to demonstrate His goodness towards you is based on His unfailing love and not your efforts. The love of God is beyond human understanding. His love never fails. Therefore, God’s willingness to help will never fail.

PRAYER: My heavenly father, I repent from doubting your willingness to help me. Today, I am fully persuaded that you will give up nations for my sake as your son.

PONDER: Mark 1:40-42

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