Enforce it


Hebrews 9:16-17 (Weymout h New Testament)

For where there is a legal `will,’ there must also be a death brought forward in evidence–the death of him who made it. And a will is only of force in the case of a deceased person.

The death of Jesus is the proof that the New Testament T is in force. In other words, it has been signed into law. However, the New Testament becomes operational in your life when you enforce it. Faith is the means of enforcing any aspect of the New Testament. That means whatever promise God made in the scriptures you can enjoy the benefit by faith. All that belongs to God is yours. That is a fact and not a promise. It requires the use of your faith in God, for these things to be fully operational in your life. Without exercising your faith in what is yours, you may end up living far below your privilege as a son of God. You were not adopted into the family of God to manage through life.

You a joint heir with Christ. God formally made Jesus the legal owner of all things (see Hebrews 1:2). Erase the thoughts of begging for things from your mind. It is strange to your DNA in Christ. You are born again to reign in life through Christ. To reign in life, you must enforce your blood bought right to live sickness-free. You must enforce your immunity over the negative conditions prevalent in your generation. You have the blood bought right to dictate the terms of your existence on earth. Reject the lie that there is nothing that you can do to stop the reign of evil in your community or city. You are an ambassador of the most high God. Enforce your authority over the land where you dwell. That is one of the privileges the God kind of faith affords you in Christ.

PRAYER: Lord, I repent from every kind of helpless and hopeless mindset that I have allowed in time past. I enforce my right over any harassment of evil over anything or anyone that is connected to me. It must stop in Jesus name.

PONDER ON: Galatians 1:4

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