He will send a deliverer


Nehemiah 9:27

“…And in the time of their trouble, when they cried to You, You heard from heaven; And according to Your abundant mercies you gave them deliverers who saved them from the hand of their enemies.”

On grounds of God’s mercy this year you experience O amazing deliverance from hostile and evil men who oppose your advancement in life. When your promotion to the next level is challenged with all forms of human intrigue and schemes, boldly expect God to raise up a deliverer who will speak strongly on your behalf and be willing to stake his or her reputation to support your promotion, the same way Barnabas spoke for Apostle Paul (see Acts 8:26-27). Also expect the Lord to turn your opposition into a large platform for your promotion. Don’t make a commentary of the opposition from these evil men, rather speak boldly of what the mercy of God will do on your behalf. Angels that execute God’s word are waiting to hear your bold declaration of faith.

Prepare your mind for an extraordinary promotion when faced with hostility and envy from people who are embittered by your progress. The Lord will certainly frustrate all the evil expectations of your adversaries concerning you and open up amazing doors of opportunities for you in high places the same way He did for Leah (see Genesis 29:31). Guard your heart against becoming bitter against those who oppose you and seek to frustrate your progress. Seeking to retaliate and bitterness towards those who oppose you will inhibit the work of God’s mercy in your life. Forgive your enemies, it will become the impetus for God to turn things around for your good.

PRAYER: My heavenly father, help me to discern those you have equipped and assigned to me as my deliverer in the name of Jesus.

PONDER: Genesis 39:21

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