Interacting with light II

Monday, June 12

1 Corinthians 6:17
“But he who is joined to the Lord is one spirit with Him.”

When a woman who is from an insignificant family background marries a wealthy man, her purchasing power automatically increases, because she has become one flesh with the man. Likewise, the scripture tells us that he who is joined to the Lord is one spirit with Him. Take a moment and think about this; what are the qualities of the spirit of God that you have been joined with? The same essence and quality of life that is in the spirit of the Lord, automatically becomes the same quality of life in you. If you are joined up with someone, whatever he possesses, by default becomes yours. Simply stated, the same quality of life and privileges available to Jesus is available to you also.

A grasp of this understanding is what interacting with light is all about. Interacting with the word of God gives you a clearer picture of who you have been made to be in Christ Jesus. More importantly, there are aspects of your life that are yet to be revealed- potentials. Light reveals your potentials to people around you, making you attractive and desirable. When you interact with the wrong kind of sources, it will obscure your light. Remember, when you walk in the light, you exude the qualities attributed to light.

Interestingly, your regular interaction with light will reveal an aspect of your work that is yet to be disclosed. In the absence of light, work becomes toiling. Therefore, you need light for whatever you are doing. Your work location is not the issue, your light is designed to influence your location. Remember, light is not in the location, the light is in you and expressed through you in the location.

I declare over you, your light will not be hidden. The effect of the light of God’s word that you constantly interact with in the closet, will be evident in the open. People will see your light and even the devil will acknowledge the evidence of your light.

Prayer: Lord, as I meditate on the light of your word daily, open my eyes of understanding to clearly see the hidden treasure tucked in your word for me.

Meditation: Psalm 36:9

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