Interacting with Light

Sunday, June 11

John 1:4-5
In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.
The intensity of your light determines the kind of people you attract. Our text scripture makes it clear that Jesus Christ (the Word of God) is light- the strongest influence. Interestingly, if you are born again, you have Christ in you and by extension you are the light of this world (see Mathew 5:14). However, what your light can do will only be expressed when you interact with the light of God’s Word. David confirms this truth, he says “…in your light, we see light” (see Psalm 36:9).
Interacting with light simply means meditating on what the Word of God says about you. Remember, whatever you expose yourself to constantly, you will ultimately become. So, your constant exposure to the Word of God is your guarantee for success (see Joshua 1:8). Note the use of the word ‘constant’, it is not done once, it is a repeated action. When you interact long enough with light, the components of light will automatically be expressed through you.

Light transforms, darkness deforms. Where there is light, there is an absence of darkness and a lack of understanding causes darkness to prevail. So, to dispel the dark history of your family, you must interact with the word of God concerning your household. It is important to note that where there is light, insects do not need an invitation, they are automatically attracted. That was the case of Solomon in 1Kings 10; his light attracted the queen of Sheba to him. Likewise, there is a fascination about your life that attracts people to you. Once the intensity of your light increases, regardless of where you are, people from all works of life will come running to you (see Isaiah 60:1-3).

I prophesy over you; men of great influence and clout will be attracted to your light. As you constantly interact with light, the aspect of your life that is yet to be disclosed will become visible to men and women that will celebrate you. The fascination about your light will never diminish. From this day, your light has arisen and I see kings coming to the brightness of your rising.

Prayer: Thank you Lord for as I interact with the light of your word consistently, doors of profitable relationships are opened before me. My testimonies will be undeniable.

Meditation: Mathew 5:14

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