Living Unoffended at God


Matthew 24:10

And then many will be offended, will betray one another, and will hate one another.

Living un-offended at God is a strategic decision that L will keep spiritually healthy. Offense will mess up your mind, perspective and make you loose grip of understanding. Offense makes your heart hard towards God. One of the common reasons for offense towards God is when your expectations are not met or you are disappointed at people. Offense will make you build a case against God, blame or stumble in your thought life over what has not manifested yet. God is forever faithful. This is true even when you don’t understand why certain unpleasant things happen to good people. Attempting to give explanations to such happenings creates room for you to become offended at God.

Offense is more than just having bad feeling. It’s a devilish plan to make you stumble and fall in your walk with God. An offense seeks to occupy the same position that God’s word is supposed to occupy in your heart. Offense or unresolved disappointment in your heart makes God’s word unfruitful in your life. To nurse an offense against God, puts you at a big disadvantage in life. It makes you judge matters unfavorably and unjustly. Offense makes you to conclude that God is unjust and unfaithful. Imagine putting the Judge of all men on trial in your heart because your expectations were not met? God can’t be on trial in your heart and at the same time expect Him to avenge you of your disappointments speedily! It won’t work. At such times the economy of your emotions needs the healing balm of God’s mercy and not explanations.

PRAYER: My Heavenly Father, I submit the ashes of my disappointment to you today, bring beauty out of it. I make up mind to trust you, and constantly remind myself of Your unfailing goodness.

PONDER: Isaiah 61:2-3

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