Musterion Pt. 2

Tuesday 4th February, 2020

1Corrinthian 14:2

For he who speaks in a tongue does not speak to men but to God, for none understands him; however, in the spirit he speaks mysteries.

God has designed your tongue as your tool for deliverance from any situation in life (see Proverbs 12:6). Musterion is allowing the Spirit of. God to craft the right words that will break down every resistance to your promotion. We live in a world created by words. We are influenced by words. We are ensnared by words. We are liberated by words. We are satisfied with words. In the light of these truths, through speaking in tongues, musterion is released and God takes over your tongue and plants His own words on your lips. The harvest of what God has sown into your lips as you pray in tongues will restore your blood pressure to normal instantly. Musterion is God’s secret plan of enforcing “as it ought to be” in your life. You were ordained to be the head and not the tail in any situation. There is a hidden counsel of God to enforce and establish you in your rightful place of headship. It will forever remain a closed book to the human mind.
Musterion is inside information on all matters, including the inside information to turn around your errors. Regardless of what you have lost in the past, there is more available to you. Engaging in speaking in tongues consistently will make it happen! The Spirit of God is not learning on the job or improving His ways. He knows what to do in all situations. Through speaking in tongues, He will reveal strategies for winning battles in your life that will look foolish at the beginning.

PRAYER : Dear Lord, I know there is an aspect of Your secret counsel designed to make me reign over any challenge. Open my eyes and ears to this hidden wisdom.

PONDER ON : Jeremiah 33:3

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