Present your case

Judge’s court wig and hammer or gavel

Tuesday, 12th December

Isaiah 43:26 (Contemporary English Version)

Meet me in court!
State your case
and prove
that you are right.

The act of Prayer is similar to filing a court case. In a regular court case, the authority of the Judge is exercised only when you go to His courtroom, obey the necessary protocols and present your case. Likewise, God is the Judge of all men (see Hebrews 12:23) and He has set certain protocols that must be obeyed. For every genuine Judge, judgment is not passed based on your cultural background, it is passed in accordance with the Rule of law, Precedent, and Evidence.

God is legal in all His matters, He has made provisions for the rule of law, precedent and evidences, all encapsulated in His word. Therefore, filing your case or demanding for a vindication without these is simply a vocal exercise. It is important to know that the devil who is the accuser of brethren is consistent with his accusations, hence you must have God’s word to counter his arguments.

Guess what? We an advocate -Jesus Christ, who has never in history lost any case (see 1John 2:1). With this in mind, any experience that is contrary to what God has said about you is illegal and must not be tolerated or accommodated. However, just as a judge cannot pass judgment over a case that is not presented in his courtroom, God will do nothing about a negative situation you accept or tolerate, until you demand for a vindication based on His word.

So, stop ignoring and keeping quiet about the injustice meted on you in your place of work. Do not keep quiet about the negative pronouncements made over your life by people. Do not accept the doctor’s report concerning your health as truth. Present your case before the judge of all men backed up with what He has said in the scripture concerning that matter. Do you know that you require a certain attitude to present your case? Boldness! (see Hebrews 4:16). Discouragement can frustrate your case and further cause you to abort the process. That will not be your story.

No longer will I tolerate the operation of the devices of the wicked in my life. I boldly present my case before the judge of all men, knowing fully well that the case will end in my favour.

1John 5:14

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