What did God say?

Sunday, June 18

Romans 4:18
He believed, hoping against hope, so that he became the father of many nations according to what had been spoken: So will your descendants be.
Abraham’s ability to conceive was strictly according to what God had spoken. Many people are waiting for God to do different things for them; from the desperate unbeliever to the uninformed believer in Christ. Their requests are not different. Their prayer echoes ‘God why don’t you do this for us?’ Sadly, the intensity of those requests cannot change their futile nature. God responds to what He has said not what people want Him to do. He is committed to what He said He will do and has sworn to it.
Putting God’s words in your mouth and speaking it back to Him is wisdom in action. God cannot ignore His word when spoken back to Him. More importantly, He watches over each word, day and night to ensure that it becomes a reality in our lives (see Jeremiah 1:12). When you seem confused on how to raise your children or continuing on the job has become so stressful, stop asking ‘what must I do?’ Look for what God has said concerning that issue. God is waiting to confirm his word (see Mark, 16:21).
Boldly declare; the blessing is upon me, therefore everything around me reflects the blessing. Every contradiction to the reality of the blessing aligns itself to the blessing. I am a blessed man, from today let it become evident to everyone that I am the blessed of the lord. In the name of Jesus, where I was never able to produce results, I produce results effortlessly. Every stronghold of failure and excuses are broken. The greater one in me, gives me strength and empowers me to do beyond my natural abilities. Everything that was lost and is beneficial returns to me double.
I ride on the credibility of God; He has ordained that my name will be great. It will not be an uncertain sound. When my name is mentioned, the ear that will hear me will bless me, the eye that will see me will approve of me. Supernaturally, my influence rises to every aspect of the world.

Prayer: The Lord makes His face to shine upon me and He gives me peace. Because the lord has blessed me, I am encircled with God’s credibility. No man shall be able to stand against me all the days of my life.

Meditation: Isaiah 55:11

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