You need light

Saturday, June 10

Acts 12:6-7 (Holman Christian Standard Bible)
On the night before Herod was to bring him out for execution, Peter, bound with two chains, was sleeping between two soldiers, while the sentries in front of the door guarded the prison. Suddenly an angel of the Lord appeared, and a light shone in the cell. Striking Peter on the side, he woke him up and said, “Quick, get up!” Then the chains fell off his wrists
Peter was at a very critical state in his life, he was in bondage and needed immediate freedom. The angel of the Lord appeared in the cell to ensure Peter’s freedom. Our text scripture records that when the angel of the Lord appeared in Peter’s prison cell, light shone in the Cell. Light figuratively refers to the word of God (see Psalm 119:105). The truth of God’s word of God is a liberating force from every form of bondage (see John 8:32).
Beloved, you do not need to run from one place to another in search of freedom. You have already been set free from every bondage by the finished work of Jesus Christ. However, ignorance of this fact will keep you in captivity. God affirmed this truth with these words, “my people are gone into captivity, because they have no knowledge…” (see Isaiah 5:13). In other words, God was simply saying, “my people are in bondage because they lack light”. People don’t feel, taste or hear light, they see light. That means light is an attractive force, because it enables them to see. Even the devil is attracted to light and challenges only come to those who are shinning.
You cannot afford to dwell in ignorance of what the word of God says about you. One of the enemy’s deceptive tool is to keep you from knowing who you are and what has been made available to you in the word of God. To dwell in ignorance is to be completely shut out from all that Jesus suffered and died for.
Boldly declare to yourself: Light has come, so every subtle form of captivity that has enslaved me in time past, I break loose from its hold. The knowledge of truth is pleasant to my soul. From today, l will no longer dwell in ignorance. I shall seek to know the truth of God’s word concerning my family, job, finances marriage and the truth I know and apply will bring about my liberation.

Meditation: John 8:32
Prayer: Lord, I thank you for the light of your word that illuminates every aspect of my being. I acknowledge that in your light I see light.

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