Acorn’s Circle

Kids-Church-Logo1.149121145Acorns’ Circle is the arm of the Brook Church that ministers specially to children. ‘Acorns’ are the seeds that produce mighty oak trees. God has entrusted to our care, young seeds that will become great oaks and mighty instruments to affect their generation for God.

Through the help of the Holy Spirit, we teach the children, God’s plan of salvation and new creation realities in ways they can understand. We teach them through songs, plays, video, and lessons specially crafted to meet their developmental needs. The foundation of all our lessons is the Word of God.

Ministers in Acorns’ Circle are men and women who share a passionate love for children, and an intense desire to see that children grow up powerfully equipped to live a victorious life in Christ.  We live by example and work to apply all we teach to our own lives.

Acorns’ Circle meets every Saturday at 4:00pm

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