Counselling Department

counsellingThe counseling unit of the church has been mandated with the privilege of integrating new members into The Brook Church through the teaching of God’s word in the Foundation Class. The Foundation Class comprises 8 lessons held over a couple of weeks. Lessons include: Prayer, Righteousness, Authority of the Believer, Living by the Word etc.

Completing the Foundation Class is a prerequisite to becoming a full-fledged member as well as joining a unit of the church.

We also undertake water baptism by immersion and lead people into experiencing the Holy Ghost Baptism.

We are on hand during weekly meetings to assist with the ministration lines and offer biblical counsel after service and welcome first timers on behalf of the Pastor after every service.

The department consists of Holy Ghost filled men and women who live what they teach and we welcome as many as would love to join our team.

The counselling team meets every Saturday 4pm.

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