Protocol Team

the brook church protocol teamThe Protocol team is an arm of The Brook Church serving the pastor in fulfilling the God given vision of the church. We function as an ad hoc unit i.e. we can be called to help out in any other unit at any time.

We anticipate the pastor’s needs and assist him in all his activities and ensuring they are properly and successfully executed. We are also charged with keeping him duly informed and bringing to his attention, matters of concern.

We support the pastor and make the advancement of his goals our main focus. Our assignment demands our faith, skills, knowledge, money and physical strength as we work to ensure that the pastor always operates at his optimal capacity.

Our emphasis for members is dedicated service. We ensure that we align our lives with Christ’s at all times so we are in a position to be a blessing to the vision of the church.


Our meeting days are:

Tuesday 7.00pm

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