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The Brook Church Zoe life conference with Pastor Charles Ndifon

There is power in your personal revelation, don’t be a copy! You are a city set on the hills, stop hiding! Do not allow the experiences of others, become a limitation to your experiencing the flow of God’s life (Zoe) in you. Those were the high point messages that came out of the three days Zoe Life Conference 2014 held in The Brook Church, Calabar, Cross River State.

The conference answered to what we called it – Festival of Miracles. About 250 healing miracles and breakthroughs were documented in this event. The blind had their eyesight restored, the deaf heard and the dumb spoke. Diverse testimonies of healed blood conditions, cancer of the breast, ovarian cyst and growths in the body, were all healed to the glory God.

The guest minister, Apostle Charles Ndifon spoke of how the church has limited the flow in them and through them due to lack of revelation. He emphasized, that the expressions of the God kind of life (Zoe) are through faith, revelation and acknowledgement. It is not through some religious performance, practice or acts.

Admonishing the church over what he termed “the power of your personal revelation”, Apostle Charles said: You can get indoctrinated to where you stop having revelation. Don’t allow people’s revelation become your limitation. He lamented that people fast and pray asking God for more power because they lack understanding. It’s important to understand that there is no more power you can get other than the one already in you through the Holy Spirit. He established the fact that the early church did not pray for more power but for boldness to preach the gospel. Because they were aware Jesus had already given them power. (See Acts 4:29).

Evidently, the dividing line between people in life is revelation – the rich from the poor, and the healthy from the sick. If a poor man starts having revelation of the reality of wealth he begins to move in the direction of prosperity. Same applies to a sick man that begins to have revelation of divine health; all of a sudden will begin to walk in divine life. Zoe life; the God life in the new creation, is an endless life. But it cannot fully operate if you if you don’t have a revelation of it. You are only limited by the revelation you have.

Furthermore, Zoe life is the very life of God; it does not need life from anywhere else to operate it (John 5:26). You are also a life giving spirit; every situation is subject to your intervention. Walking in health, success or prosperity, performing miracles, signs and wonders is tied to this truth, but if you do not ‘know’ then you cannot walk in it.

He encouraged the church that, God wants to do new things in this dispensation, let’s not limit ourselves with the move of God in the time past. We should align ourselves with his new dimension through revelation. God is unlimited, His life and power in us is unlimited. He is as big as we allow Him to be in us.

In conclusion, the host, Pastor Ose Imiemohon, charged the church, to take advantage of the season and run with the revelation we have received. And not deal lightly with the life of God we all have. He encouraged everyone to go back into their spheres of influence and become the “light” in all they do, and give allowance for the expression of the life of God. With emphases he says “God is out to do unimaginable things in this season, for eyes have not seen ears have not heard nor has it entered the hearts of men what God has in planned for us. Position yourselves right and you will see the power of God move in dimensions you have never imagined”.

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