Divine intervention

Divine intervention

A lady who lives on my street came to me with the news that her husband had deserted her and the children. Since then life has been hard and her son was driven from school for lack of fees. They were also in poor health condition.

I encouraged her and prayed for them and invited her to attend the Friday Special communion Service on the 12th of November. That day Pastor Ose preached about forgiveness. He said one of the keys to being delivered from captivity is to forgive those who hurt us. The lady told me later that she’d decided to forgive her husband.

Barely a week later, her son’s teacher called and asked her to bring her son to school. Wondering what the matter was, she went and was told that another teacher had paid the boy’s fees completely. This teacher took it upon herself to discuss the issue with her husband, who agreed to pay the boy’s school fees.

Praise the Lord.

Mrs. Clemency U. Akinwumi

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