We had been praying and believing God for a big business break. We then got a business that needed about 1.5million Naira as capital for a start, but we didn’t have the cash.

I attended the Sunday and Wednesday midweek services preceding the 11th anniversary, praying and asking God for a business break that will give me at least a first fruit, to sow into 11th anniversary celebration. God answered us and gave us a little breakthrough, but the money came at the time when we had so many needs at hand to be met. I courageously went over to the church office and handed the money over to Pastor Uche as my first fruit. A month after I had taken that step, I discussed the business idea we had with a man. He immediately transferred 800,000 Naira to our account in support of the business.   With that, we still needed 700,000 Naira to follow through with the transaction because the company involved was not ready to give out any product on credit.

Surprisingly, the company was now willing to send a truck with the goods to us. Only on the basis of sending them a post-dated cheque for the amount left. Today, we are in a business that demands millions but so far not a penny of our money is in it.  God is indeed marvelous!

Mr Idy Okpombor

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