My family and I had a prayer and fasting session for my eldest sister to conceive. While praying for her, I had the conviction that she was going to conceive before 12th July, 2011. Then I attended my first Testimony Service in the Brook Church on the 26th of June, 2011 and Pastor taught on “Duplicating Miracles”. Although, someone gave a testimony about his wife’s conception, I did not think about my sister then.

When Pastor Ose came up with the closing prayer, he said “this week, there‘s going to be a conception”. He repeated it and said “Tell you sister, there’s a conception this week”. Immediately, I grabbed it and started thanking God for the conception.

On my way home, I called my sister and she said she was menstruating. I told her to believe and focus God. That same week, she took ill, went to the hospital and the doctor confirmed she was pregnant.

I give glory to God because as I write, she is pregnant with a set of twins. The Lord is wonderful and He has kept His words.

Ogunyinka Olanike

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