In August 2019, I was on a scaffold, plastering a two storey building when all of a sudden, the scaffold broke and I started heading for the ground. Before I reached the ground, I declared “I will not die, because I drink from the Brook”. I tried to protect my head from landing on the ground and instead, I landed with my chest. My ribs were broken and I was rushed to the hospital.
I remembered the teachings of Pastor Ose telling us to lay hands on any part of our bodies that hurts and command healing over it. I kept laying hands on my chest and I declared the healing power of God to overwhelm it. I was referred to a village to be placed on traditional medicine. All through my stay in the village, I kept declaring the word of God and complete restoration over my bones and body.
My recovery was speedy and I am back to my feet, hale and hearty with all my bones completely healed.

Let each testimony minister to you Mark 6:52

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