I was informed that my very close aunt was kidnapped on Sunday, January 19, 2020. By Wednesday morning, there was no credible lead as to her whereabouts. I spoke with my family and assured them that she will be found and God will avenge for us over this act of wickedness towards her.
Afterwards, I started praying, asking God for directions. I saturated my attention with the word of God by listening to the teaching series for January 2020 by Pastor Ose titled “Conceive it, Retain it & Deliver it”. While listening to the teaching series, the Holy Spirit impressed a scripture in my heart in 1 Samuel 30:8,18-19. It stirred up an unusual excitement, laughter, praise and worship to God for answered prayer. In line with the teaching from the message, I began to engage my imagination on the scriptures impressed in my heart by the Holy Spirit. I imagined in my mind a scenario of my Aunty’s release from her kidnappers. I made a personalized confession from 1 Samuel 30:8;18-19, declaring it as follows:

‘And I enquired at the Lord and He answered me, saying “Pursue: for you have surely overtaken them and without fail recovered all, including your Aunty. Rightfully, I recovered all that the kidnappers had taken away and I Kingsley Oguma rescued my Aunty. And there was nothing lacking to me, neither small nor great: Kingsley Oguma recovered all, including my Aunty’.

I also backed up my faith declarations with other scriptures and the declaration of the covenant of peace from Isaiah 26:3-4 (nothing missing, nothing stolen and nothing broken). Constantly, I reminded myself that angels that excel in strength have been dispatched to ensure the release of my Aunty from the snare of the fowler.

Throughout Wednesday, my heart was set on the communion service while I kept on meditating on a similar testimony of someone’s father who was miraculously released from kidnappers last year. In addition, I kept remembering the different testimonies that had been shared in church. I was fired up and eagerly waiting for my testimony. I took communion on behalf of my Aunty, I was too sure that it will fast track her release from her kidnappers.
The next day, I received news that my aunt was miraculously rescued from the kidnappers by a vigilante group. It could only be God!!!

Let each testimony minister to you Mark 6:52


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