Pastors' Ose & Naomi

Presiding Pastors


The story of the Brook Church has been a metamorphosis from its conception to present. It has been dubbed “an unfolding story of God’s Grace”.

Between the years 2001-2002, there was an overwhelming desire to express more of God in my life, and I wanted to see that happen, but I never knew how. I came across a particular book written by Robert Liardon, “The Complete Teachings of John G. Lake”. That book inspired me to no small measure. I read the book on the day I set aside to wait on the Lord in prayer and fasting. At exactly 2:40 PM that day, while praying in tongues, the vision of The Brook Church was imparted in my spirit.

The Lord said to me: “You will teach Pneumatology; the way and things of the Spirit. Whenever you teach the way of the Spirit, you will always sense an unusual anointing.Intense worship, praying in tongues, fasting and prayers will increase the anointing on you.

Creative manifestation will happen whenever the anointing is at its peak in your life. Amazing manifestation of increase will occur. Creative abilities will be your major, empowering men in their generation, healing of the mind will be your own specialty. And you will bring direction to many lives. Contact with you will bring multiplied changes and increased productivity.

Get as much information on this subject. Information levels out all kinds of uncertainty. You must bring action to bear on the creative unction upon you. Do not despair any longer. Your hunger and craving for me must increase. I have not left you in the lurch; I want you to come up hither. It is demanding, it is costly, but rewarding. Everything you heard about me is true, and I can and am willing to do them through you. Creative miracles where it never existed before will happen through your hands and your voice; I will make them happen through you”

This was the day the vision was conceived. From that day, the nurturing process began. This was carried out with praying and studying the word on a daily basis.

The vision was conceived on the 26th of August, 2001, and was birthed on the 26th of July, 2002 in my living room. Shortly afterward, the journey began in earnest, with the inaugural service on the 28th of July, 2002 at the former Metropolitan hotel, Calabar.

Prior to the acquisition the church’s property, services were conducted at different locations. From the former Metropolitan hotel, the church moved to the Ashbury hall of the Mirage hotel and thereafter settled at the G & A rentals at Offiong Ekpo close, off Marian road. While at the G & A rentals, the church property was acquired and the building project began in the last quarter of 2005. In 2007, the church relocated to her property and in 2008, the church building was dedicated.

Looking back at the beginning and taking a glance at the future, the past is nothing compared to the glorious future ahead. It’s been from glory to glory; yet, still unfolding.