The Prison Ministry department

This department is a part of the outreach arm of our church, equipped to cater for spiritual and physical needs

Host And Hostesses

The Host and Hostesses of the Brook Church exist to provide a warm and excellent reception to all first time

Traffic Ushers

An atmosphere of peace enhances sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. our duty as traffic ushers is to make every member

Follow Up Team

The follow up team has the mandate of identify church members that are absent over a period of time. Connect

Counselling Department

The counseling unit of the church has been mandated with the privilege of integrating new members into The Brook Church

Protocol Team

The Protocol team is an arm of The Brook Church serving the pastor in fulfilling the God given vision of

Streams of Grace

The Streams of Grace is dedicated to fulfilling the God given vision of the Church by providing an enabling atmosphere

Samaritan House

Visiting, is a key to integrating new members into the Church and makes a lot of difference in witnessing and

The Heralds

The Heralds are an extension of The Brook Church’s hospitality. We represent the Pastor and The Brook Church family in

Acorn’s Circle

Acorns’ Circle is the arm of the Brook Church that ministers specially to children. ‘Acorns’ are the seeds that produce


The Technical Unit supports the vision of the Brook Church through the rendering of quality sound production and caring for

Media Department

The Media Team is charged with the responsibility of making sure that all church programs and meetings are documented and

Vineyard keepers

The Vineyard Keepers keep the church sanctuary and its environs clean and conducive at all times. The adage that cleanliness

Aaron’s company

Aaron’s Company is the prayer unit of the Brook Church. Member’s main objective is to support the Pastors and the Brook