The Aaron’s company

The Aaron’s company provides a strong platform of prayer and intercession for The Brook Church. We stand in the gap for The Brook church ministry, our meetings, marriages, businesses, and even our children through prayers and bold declarations.

The streams of grace

The Streams of Grace is the musical department of The Brook church. A close-knit group of ministers who inspire people to fellowship more in the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. Excellence is showcased in the presentation and delivery of our songs.


We are counsellors. Equipping and training you to know the realities of the new covenant and the new creation man is our specialty. When we are through with you, you will be integrated into the values of The Brook Church and become mighty in scriptures, in the Spirit and in deeds. 

acorn’s circle

At the acorn’s circle, we equip and train our children with the word of grace to become oaks of righteousness. We achieve this by acquainting them with the presence and power of God, to make them a mighty influence for God in their generation.

Hosts & Hostesses

We prepare and project the best TBC experience to our guests each time they visit The Brook Church by establishing an unforgettable experience through the power and presence of God, so that they keep coming back to TBC.


The heralds prepare and showcase orderliness, excellence and the presence and power of God through our courteous service to all who attend our services. Always wearing a heart-warming smile, we create an unforgettable experience of excellence in the minds of all our members and guests.

Vineyard Keepers

Through proper preparation, the vineyard keepers present a clean and excellent environment for all our meetings here at The Brook Church and we pay strict attention to details. Our watch word is to create an excellence ambience for the glory of God.

Technical Team

The technical team prepares and provides a clear and undistorted sound during all our meetings at The Brook. We are committed to ensuring best practices in the proper handling and maintenance of all the audio, lighting equipments and generators to ensure effective and efficient performance during and after every meeting.

media Team

The media team prepares and showcases the best audio and visual experience to enhance learning in all our meetings.

Broadcast Team

We prepare and showcase the message, messenger and the impact of The Brook Church on television, radio and social media, spreading the gospel of Christ on print, electronic media with an unrivaled measure of excellence. We also manage the church website and mobile application, manage and circulate e-news letters, prepare and record all announcements for projection during the meetings. Our team works closely with the senior pastor of The Brook Church.

Evangelism team

The evangelism team prepares and holds a monthly outreach to spread the good news. Through door to door evangelism, we reach the sinners with the gospel of Christ. 

Prison team

In the prisons department, we prepare and extend the love, influence and the power of God to the prison inmates. As excellent ambassadors of the King of kings, we always leave something behind each time we visit. Ministering the power and presence of God to dispel shame, break bondage and bring the liberty of Christ to the captives is our ultimate goal. 

Traffic Ushers

The traffic ushers prepare and provide an excellent and orderly parking experience for all our members and guests. Security and excellent service delivery is our watchword.

Protocol Team

We are responsible for catering for the well-being of the senior pastor and facilitating his ministry by providing requisite support services to help him deliver God’s message without hinderance. 

Also, we prepare and provide a hospitable, excellent and memorable experience for guest ministers alongside logistics support services such as flight booking, hotel reservations, transport service. All protocol team members are ambassadors of The Brook Church before every guest minister.

Samaritan House

As the church’s visitation team, it is our responsibility to be passionate about getting people fully persuaded, grounded and rooted in The Brook Church. We extend TBC’s excellent hospitality experience beyond the church’s auditorium to the homes of new/intending members; and in the process, build trust and confidence while influencing them towards becoming disciples of Christ.

Follow-Up Team

We prepare and provide a systematic strategy for reconnecting members that are absent from church, back to the fold. We identify visitors, new church attendees and regular attendees interested in becoming members of The Brook Church. We also encourage them to enroll in the foundation class and onward integration into various serving units in The Brook Church.