I applied for a conference, “innovating Education in Africa Expo” organized by the African Union and the Government of Botswana and I was selected as a delegate from Nigeria. The conference was slated to hold in Botswana from the 20th to 22nd of August, 2019. I was sent the invitation letter as a delegate by 7th of July and the letter stated explicitly that there is no funding to attend the summit. And by 31st of July if I do not confirm my flight and hotel accommodation, the space will be revoked.
I needed not less than #600,000 for flight, hotel accommodation and logistics. My account balance could not support the statistics. Then I remembered the testimony of a sister in church who shared of how someone miraculously paid her airfare and hotel bills to attend a conference in the UK. I held on to it as a reference and started declaring the favor of God.
I made a post on Twitter about the conference and later that day, someone I do not know, sent me a message and offered to pay for my flight. The person’s name sounded American or British. There was no picture or location on the twitter account, so I thought it was a scam.
On Friday, July 26th, the person sent my return ticket. I contacted the South African Airline to confirm the flight details and it was genuine. While thanking God for His favor, the next day, I received another message from the same person requesting for my most preferred choice of hotel and I mentioned masa Square Hotel, a fourstar hotel. And by the next day, an evidence of payment for my hotel accommodation in Botswana was sent to me. I sent a message to the hotel to confirm the booking and I was informed that someone has paid for my stay for four nights. Till today, I still don’t know who the person is, it was all by the favor of God. My trip to and fro Botswana was favor filled. God orchestrated the sons of strangers to rebuild my wall.

Let each testimony minister to you Mark 6:52

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